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The Thyroid Ghana Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization with the sole aim of creating awareness for thyroid disorders in Ghana and bringing prompt and appropriate treatment to those affected by thyroid diseases


Creating awareness of thyroid diseases in Ghana, creating opportunities for early detection of thyroid problems, supporting thyroid research and institutions involved in thyroid disease management, providing access to affordable treatment and advocating for improved healthcare practices for thyroid disease patients in the Country.



The Foundation intends to achieve the following

  • To create awareness of thyroid disease conditions among the general publicEven though Thyroid disorder remains the second most common endocrinological disorder seen in adults, it is still relatively unpopular among the general public and some healthcare practitioners. This makes it very difficult for the disease to be accurately diagnosed especially due to the fact that thyroid disease conditions have similar symptoms with other more common ailments.  Most patients with thyroid problems are therefore easily treated for other more known disease conditions. Improved public awareness of thyroid disease conditions can lead to early detection.  Individuals will also be better equipped to alert their physicians to a suspected thyroid condition that may otherwise be difficult to diagnose in the sometimes slowly developing initial phases.
  • To support thyroid research in the country. This is necessary to equip healthcare practitioners and policy makers with accurate information in order for them to make the best choices with regards to patient care and thyroid disease management as a national agenda. This can be achieved by soliciting funds and other logistics to support thyroid research projects. Logistics will be made available at various health care centers to collect data on thyroid reported cases for easy access by researchers and policy makers.
  • To support persons affected by thyroid diseases through the establishment of supportive programmes and provision of facilities.  As part of our strategic plan, the Thyroid Ghana Foundation intends to develop a registry for all thyroid patients in the country starting from the Greater Accra region. This will enable us to build a system which would provide free thyroid medication for patients who are unable to afford. Ultimately we intend to build a thyroid care unit within the Korle-Bu teaching hospital to provide access to improved and affordable treatment for thyroid patients in the Region

DR. JOYCE EMEFA ADDO-KLAH Public Relations Officer

Frank Anyimadu Consultant Dietician

Justice Kwesi Baah Research Coordinator

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