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Ghana Health Awards and Honors Launched

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Akoma Productions on Wednesday, 30th November, 2022 launched the  maiden edition of the Ghana Health Awards and Honors.

The graceful event which took place at the premises of the Medical Training and Simulation Centre, Legon in Accra saw in attendance invited guests, media and dignitaries including; Rev. Prof. Patrick F. Ayeh-Kumi, Dr Abena Engmann ( Board Chairperson of Ghana Health Awards & Honors) ,Dr Solomon Brookman ( Head, General Surgery Dept, UGMC), and  Dr Darius Osei ( Chief Executive Officer of the University of Ghana Medical Centre Limited) who gave an opening remark to commence the event.

The Ghana Health Awards and Honors is dedicated to the Ghana Health industry recognizing individual and organizations making positive impact in the health sector in Ghana.

Speaking at the press soirée,  Mrs Nana Adwoa Konadu Dsane,  the founder of the Ghana Thyroid Foundation and the Ghana Health Awards and Honors reiterated that, health workers mostly boil the ocean to save lives hence the need to acknowledge their sacrifices.

” Though people have had bad experiences when it comes to their healthcare providers,  there are some who are  doing so well and would even not go home when there’s a life to save. I’ve come across a lot of them because of the Thyroid Ghana Foundation. Especially during the COVID-19 time, some stayed away from their families for 2 weeks without their families seeing them.Dont you think they deserve some recognition? I think this is long overdue! ” : She added.

The Ghana Health Awards and Honors themed ” Our Health, Our Heroes ”  is scheduled to take  place in March 2023 at the Medical Training and Simulation Centre, Legon in Accra.
To nominate, visit

Among the list of categories are:

The Outstanding Award category:

Outstanding Best Health Worker

Healthcare Administration Awards

Best CEO

Best Hospital Administrator

Best Human Resource Director

Best Internal Audit Director

Best Finance Director

Healthcare (Professionals)

The Healthcare (Professionals) category consist of the following sub-categories:

Best Surgeon

Best Emergency Medicine Consultant/Specialist

Best Endocrinologist

Best Pediatrician

Best Obstetrics/Gynaecologist

Best Psychologist

Best Urologist

Best Neurologist

Best Neurosurgeon

Best Dentist

Best Rheumatologist

Best Radiologist

Best Ophthalmologist

Best Dietician

Best Occupational Therapist

Best Physician Assistant

Best Radiotherapist

Best General Nurse

Best Theatre Nurse

Best Midwife

Best Nurse in Research

Best Midwife

Best Public Health Nurse

Best Health Innovationist

Best Physiotherapist

Health Facilities Category

Listed Below are some the Health Facilities  award categories

Best Pharmacy

Best Pharmaceutical Company

Best Laboratory Facility

Best Emerging Laboratory

Best Private Health Facility

Best Public Health Facility

Best Dental Facility

Best Eye Facility

Best Fitness Center

Best Physiotherapy Centre

Best Healthcare Insurance Provider

Best Company with CSR practices in Health
Best Herbal Facility

staffGhana Health Awards and Honors Launched

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